Whonix in KVM asks me username/password

This is the first time that I use whonix in kvm, today while close web browser opens a window that asks to log with username and password, then I shutdown workstation and when restart opened a small windows msg script bug (I don’t remember well).
Furthermore compared with virtualbox about the speed is a turtle vs cheetah


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with this little information, I can’t tell you what you encountered there. Some sites show password prompts though. Regarding speed, maybe some kind of accelaration needed isn’t supported.

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Today I start whonix, clicking on konsole, it is opened again, then I shutdown vm. Restarted the vm and I clicked on tor browser but it is opened another time again. For security I never inserted username and password. There is written ‘‘host’’ in the top left, 2 options in bottom left (one for shutdown, change user, etc…one with an arrow dawnward) and two empty space to insert name and password at the center.


Hi. Please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing. The option is available from the graphical console under Virtual-Machine -> Take Screenshot.

Use the Metadata Anonymization Toolkit to sanitize the photo first before uploading.

Note you can always roll back to a snapshot that doesn’t have this problem

Furthermore compared with virtualbox about the speed is a turtle vs cheetah

I don’t understand this comment.

Unfortunately every time I want to open something, it appears
Maybe it is something called X Server, I have this options:
default, kde plasma workspace, failsafe
switch user, restart x server (resend the same page), remote login, console login, shutdown


Can someone explain me why when I visit any site or start an application Whonix shows a windows where I have to insert name and password?
When I insert they whonix reloads

Thank you

We don’t know what you’re referring to, hence the request to post a