Whonix gateway used by other non Whonix Linux VM config. Am I safe like this

I use other linux distros in virtualbox that I pass through the whonix gateway. This is my config basically:
Set only 1 set network is set to “internal” and whonix.
In the linux network manager GUI, under the IPv4 tab I’ve set the gateway to whonix the address is, netmask 24, gateway is and DNS server is set to

This works great for me. Im able to connect to tor with all browsers, in the terminal, and other programs are tunneled through the gateway. Is this enough? Am I actually safe? Can there be packets that may de-anonymize me? I am not a wizard at networking or wireshark. I would love and appreciate you input. Thanks.

You should not be using any browser other than TBB.

The reasons are stated here:

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Thank you 0brand. I see the point you make. Power in numbers! 2 million.
Any thoughts on packets leaks with this network setup? If somethings gets compromised and tries to dial home it would be routed through the gateway yeah?

If you installed these other distros non-anonymously, there’s the possibility that network traffic patterns or innocently set IDs could identify through Tor later on.

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Hmm interesting. I did not thing about that. I’m guesing that is why the whonix workstation is encouraged/reccomended.

thank you for this!