Whonix gateway size increased dramatically?


When I first downloaded the whonix gateway image for vbox, its size was about 2 gb and I have only downloaded the updates since then, which I do not think will increase the size to where it is at now… The size now is just about 10 gb??? Why is that and what can I do to decrease it, if possible? I only have 7 gb free storage on my new hdd so I cannot move my gateway image to that drive, since it is about 10 gb…

Is it really true that by only installing updates to the whonix gateway, its size goes from 2gb to 10 (after approximately 6 months)?


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Could you maybe run:

ls -al /

and send us the result?

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A size increase is normal but it depends on from where you see the size, from within the VM or from the host. When you add some file through updates, downloads, swap-file-creator, … on the gateway and later delete it you get the space back but only in the VM. From the host side you will never see it shrink again.
You can shrink it yourself, however, and also compress it . See here: Shrink Qcow2 Disk Files - Proxmox VE
under “Linux Guest Preaparation”