Whonix gateway freezing

that would be great record for this issue. but i hope it will be useful to solve it. because we dont know for sure if the KDE,XFCE,LXDE,GNOME,…etc r the cause of the issue.


Allready the whonix is debian jessie kde vm , that i am using & for that i write.

It’s besides the point. It is a request for contribution / help. As per
Free Support for Whonix ™ I was asking
if someone could ‘Please compare with a Debian jessie KDE VM.’ That
would help finding out where the issue is actually coming from. Does it
apply to Debian and Whonix equally or Whonix only? If the root cause is
in Debian also, it can be reported against Debian and chances are higher
to find someone understanding what is going on and fixing this. If it
happens to Whonix only, we know that something that Whonix does is the
actual cause.

‘Please compare with a Debian jessie KDE VM.’

i did that already.

Does it apply to Debian and Whonix equally or Whonix only?

only whonix , and only whonix gateway

i was test whonix kvm on latest stable debian host amd64 before weeks , it was freezing i remember , then i was install on whonix guests the x64 kernels and run that , i don’t remember clearly but i think it was resolved the freezing *update & upgrades on guests to, at the end if will not resolve with desktop environments & display managers i will try with x64 kernels on guests , will see , i need time , but i will do it.

i notice that freezing when i copy \paste from guest whonix to host , or even in the whonix (periodicaly-not allways) , i was run clipit clipboard manager on whonix guests and there the klipper default clipboard manager i was kill it and disable it for autostart, now i uninstall clipit , kill it , and disable for autostart , i use againg the default kde clipboard , and Parcellite clipboard manager on host, i will see & i will post .

not usable , klipper is very very slow , i move to parcellite and in guests.

nice trials , maybe @HulaHoop get use from these infos.

Successfully for the moment, (1,5 day running without freezing \2-3 entire system restarts) , resolve it with : xfce4 on fedora 21 host , lxdm display manager on host & Parcellite clipboard manager on host and guests, of course must past 1-2 weeks of usage without freezing for confirmation, i will do that.

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after plus more 1,5 day, working without freezing’s! That good news, hope to keep that stable level, but nothing lasts forever , i say that because i was saying before the same for fedora 21 vs debian @ stability and in the beginning 1-3 days the fedora was stable and after 2-3 weeks was start to freeze ! So will see, i will keep in touch…

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aha i c , but hope to be specific to whonix , and as patrick said try debian for better results. for me i tried debian and the freezing sessions happened alot. maybe u try it if u can , so that we can have a conformational results.

successfully stable 100% for 5 days\ 10 total system start and shutdown !
I am sorry is very difficult to test debian host that period ,i am to busy . but you can get some important info’s , that may are : xfce4 on host , lxdm display manager on host & Parcellite clipboard manager on host and guests , i thing that matters from my using experience, i will continue with that settings and i will post again after 3-6 days the results for stability .

Please report your bugs against upstream its unrelated to KVM. I don’t experience what you’re reporting and therefore can’t help you.

which upstream rather than whonix-kvm ?

and btw , i didnt report anything except the first comment, and then said it is still happening in whonix 12.and i gave the way of how to reproduce this in the first comment.

If it also happens with Debian i.e. also when Whonix is not involved at all, then I guess what @HulaHoop meant by upstream is the developers of KVM.


yes the issue is not whonix related , is linux-kvm\desktop environments

  • Note that is stable until now , i thing the solution is that -my combine of desktop environment host , display manager host , and clipboard managers host and guests. and again , must past more usage days for final confirmation , i will do that.

please report to www.linux-kvm.org someone , i have limited knowledge compare with whonix devel & mainainers

This “someone” has to be you.

I still can’t help you with something I can’t see. Without proper logs upstream will not take you seriously either.

I mean are have Patrick and HulaHoop the needed knowledge for reporting , i dont know how to logs upstream , i allready solve the freezings referenced on this topic ,
successfuly run it stable for 5 days and without issues with:

fedora 21 i686 xfce4 host with lxdm ,pae kernel, (updates & upgrades done on host and guests) , and with parcellite clipboard manager on host and guests (the default clipboard managers are killed and disabled for autostart,) some times failed for autostart the parcellite on kde’s but that is not problem , can just start it and is ready on seconds.

If that have matter i have full disk luks on host.

What cause the freezings on virt-manager :

any other desktop environment exept xfce4 on host, any other display manager exept lxdm on host,
any other clipboard manager on host and guests exept parcellite .
I dont know if is responsible the debian , i have not time to test it .
also i have not time for learning logs upstream i am sorry , i hope to help with that posts here.

Hello, am repeat user.

Whonix-Workstation with KDE on qemu/kvm crashes randomly but regularly on average twice every 12 hours. It logs out and kills all DE processes, losing all data.

I have experienced this on 2 different hosts ever since Debian Jessie, for months on end, and a workstation reinstall.

In addition, copy-pasting from host to guest (with spice) at random times will fail and completely lock up the KDE window of the target program. It often but not always comes before a full KDE crash.

I added the qxl surfaces hack.

I have never experienced this with any other guest OS/Desktop environment. Only Whonix with KDE.

I normally don’t complain about choice of DE but in this case it is so bad that the workstation is unusable for any serious purpose. I am writing this is Kwrite and saving every 5 seconds because I am afraid it will crash any moment.

I know it’s the author’s choice but I feel after this prolonged experience with KDE in a VM that a lightweight desktop such as LXDE or XFCE would be infinitely more appropriate (I am not a fan of the Qubes’s project choices either), though I am not a fan of any DE.

I would settle for a fix to this crashing if someone knows of one. I will have no choice but to make a custom workstation which I would rather not. Normally I prefer to adapt to whatever’s given. It takes a lot to get me to this point…

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how much RAM did you assign to the entire machine, how much to the emulated GPU?

Have a nice day,


@exacto For now there is no basis to conclude that it’s caused by KDE. Since this is only happening in KVM and not in other platforms such as Whonix VirtualBox or Qubes-Whonix, it’s more likely a KVM rather than KDE issue.