Whonix gateway doesn't want to start.


I have a problem with booting Whonix Gateway on physical host.

System installed on encrypted partition. /boot is on the flash drive.

Build script is successfully completed with no errors.

After it I try to run

sudo update-grub

But on after reboot system doesn’t want to start.

/scripts/init-top/udev: line 26: udevadm: not found
Volume group “HOST_VG” not found
Cannot process volume group HOST_VG
/scripts/local-top/cryptroot: line 287: udevadn: not found
cryptsetup: Waiting for encrypted source device
ALERT! encrypted source device UUID=a12a23f9-ee81-4859-a49f-50c83232a694 does not exist, can’t unlock sda5_crypt.
Check cryptopts=sourse= bootarg: cat /proc/cmdline
or missing modules, devices: cat/proc/modules; ls /dev
Droping to a shell.

There is no sda in /dev and devices in /dev/mapper

I was trying to change root=/dev/mapper/HOST_VG-ROOT on root=/dev/sda5 in GRUB.
It doesn’t work.
But I can mount this encrypted device from another system and from live mode.
But I can’t find the way to boot it.

I’ve attempted a fix.

Untested but if you like to test…

Great! I’ll test it later today.

This works! For the first time, I am in Whonix gateway… Now I just have to figure out this whole tor pid thing and the network settings…

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It works on my machine. System can find encrypted volume now.
But in boot process i have new error
“failed to start anonymizing overlay network for tcp“
And boot process is freezing on it. I was trying to watch bootlog in recovery mode.
But recovery boot is freezing on stage of creating an encrypted swap file.

To prevent swap-file-creator from starting:

sudo systemctl mask swap-file-creator

For more helpful debug output:

You could install the debug-misc package which would show more debug output during boot (or re-implement that functionality).

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