Whonix Gateway can't connect to host machine's proxy.

Host Machine: Windows 10 (ip:
Guest Machine(VirtualBox): Whonix Workstation, Whonix Gateway (At this point, only Gateway involved, so Workstation can be ignored)
Proxy Server: ShadowSocks installed on Host Machine (ip:, port: 1080)

Tor is censored in my country, so to connect to Tor, I have to connect to a proxy before connect to Tor.
In this case, ShadowSocks is the proxy.
Whonix Gateway — ShadowSocks(host Machine) — Tor — Internet
Problem is that gateway is unable to connect to shadowsocks.

Here’s screenshots, I don’t have permission to upload images, sorry
Configure: htt ps://i.ibb.co/9w57Tv4/1.jpg
Stuck: htt ps://i.ibb.co/2MFjW5j/2.jpg
Log: htt ps://i.ibb.co/1mH2VqW/3.jpg
Log shows that can not connect to proxy, but proxy is running well

I try to install another Windows10 on VirtualBox, and this guest Windows10 machine is able to connect to host machine’s shadowsocks, and then success connect to Tor, so problem is not on shadowsocks side.

I have read this htt ps://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tunnels/Connecting_to_a_proxy_before_Tor
What do I miss?

Welcome to Whonix forums and thank you for your question!

Unfortunately at time of writing how to connect Tor on Whonix-Gateway to a proxy software running on a (Windows) host is not documented yet. No ETA.