Whonix-Gateway kernel updates don't work unless in Graphical Interface mode?

Very weird. My usual Whonix-Gateway (which I set to 128MB of RAM putting it in non GUI-mode) got stuck when trying to update to linux kernel version 3.16.0-5 via the usual update commands:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Configure states and dpkg files seemed to get corrupted, and after much troubleshooting trying to fix the unconfigured or half-configured linux and header packages I couldn’t salvage the Gateway (because after ten mins after each forced reboot the system would start spitting errors and Tor would stop working).

Then starting with a new template Gateway (and setting it to 128MB ram), even updating right after the setup wizard (choosing Whonix stable repo), it’s simply stuck at the stage of trying to configure the first kernel update package…

What does work is if I apply the updates while in graphical interface mode (but it has to be a fresh Gateway before being ‘wrecked’ by kernel attempts while in teminal-only mode).

So is this a weird bug for non-gui Gateway? Can anyone reproduce it?

My Whonix-Workstation is updated to 3.16.0-5 no problem, and so is my gateway that I did updates to in GUI mode before putting it down to 128MB ram again.

Hi whonixlover3

Although its possible Whonix-gateway can functioned on 128MB of RAM the minimum is 256MB as per:

I have been wrong before though :smile:


256 MB RAM is minium (at least for upgrading) as per:


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