Whonix fourm (Discource) widges not visible with "Safest" Tor Browser security setting


After the recent Discourse upgrade by the sysadmin some of the widgets do not render when Tor Browser is set to highest security level. For example, to “like” a post or edit a post is not visible.

This is not a Whonix issue, this is a Tor browser/Discourse issue so Whonix developers have no control over this. I will see if I can find any bug reports on this and maybe a solution. If not I will submit a bug report.

To clarify:

Before the Discource upgrade I was able to click on the NoScript icon (top right of Tor Browser) and allow what is needed for the widgets to work (be visible).

After Discource upgrade that does not work anymore. I have to set Tor Browser security slider from “Safest” to “Safer” for the widgets to be visible.

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Looks like this is an issue that was brought up 2 years ago.


This is my screen with boxes and no icons which is the same issue described in the bug report. Since Discourse is based on Java Script it would be pointless to bump this issue again. FWIW its more likely you could get Discourse devs to implement Braille than a “let me use Discourse without java script” patch. Seriously :slight_smile:

This issue could probably be closed Patrick?

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