Whonix forum uses a lot of SVG for buttons and icons that won't display on TBB's "Safest" security setting

The buttons for markup when making a post like bold etc all use SVG, which on TBB’s highest security setting do not display. Hovering over them I get their title though which makes them usable.

When making a post there is a button above the title and next to “Create a new Topic” which is empty, inspecting it I think it is some kind of dropdown menu, but I don’t know. Has id “ember1094”.

I don’t know of what importance this kind of “usability” is to the Whonix project, thought I’d bring it up though in case it is. If not that’s understandable, low hanging fruit here. The SVG stuff isn’t significant for security here since needing to enable JS to post anyway, which I dislike because of poor performance at least while on Tor, so more about usability again there, but I digress… lmao.

SVG: Tor Browser issue. Not a Whonix issue. Self Support First Policy for Whonix applies. A ticket for SVG in Tor Browser exists at Tor Browser issue tracker.