Whonix for windows


been having some issues with whonix for windows issue https://gyazo.com/8b9755697dc61b3674d13f027443783e click on the link it just stays there hanging


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Did you verify the Installer? Also, could you try restalling it, specifically looking at the Output provided by the Installer during the import of the images?

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thanks for the feedback i’ll try to verify and try to reinstall


also if you have skype that would help, my skype is prototypejk.


I tried to verify following these instructions https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Installer/Verify_the_Installer_using_the_command_line

so what I did was put ego.asc signature in a folder i named “whonix_window_signed_key”

instead I get an error “the system cannot find the path specified”

i took a snapshot https://gyazo.com/718564cb8ce0f6947533913c17d0dc10


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As far as I can tell the reason for this is that this folder is found in a higher folder you’ve named “bussiness” which has not been accounted for in the command line.

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yes i was aware of that so i decided to do this eariler https://gyazo.com/264be4757fa5098e73d8b72d0e7f0eaa i clicked on it and dragged it to my desktop still nothing no response i get “the system cannot find the path specified”


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You’d have to type:

cd C:\Users\sodLL\Desktop\whonix_window_signed_key

as per the way the Windows command line works.

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thank you i’ll try that


looks like I managed to get an output finally https://gyazo.com/cef72721ed9d5ccf4921465955377e92 and I think I found the problem https://gyazo.com/e6d4659b061b82dee8a4e4d4b4220600 notice how the output in command prompt says for pub 4096R/584A8DF9FBB8E862 instead of what it says on the wiki which is 4096R/FBB8E862


FBB8E862 is the short key ID, which is the right half (i.e. the lowest 32 bit) of the long key ID: 584A8DF9FBB8E862


I updated the wiki to display long key IDs in the example output, could someone verify these are correct and approve the edit?


thank you for the response.