Whonix For Business/Servers - Future Usage

This Topic is not going to happen by any chance in the near future, its something for the far future and depending how we will evolve. Though we need to have a discussable topic up to that time to collect info and help as much as possible.

Questions needs to be filled:

  • How to make the business field attracted to use whonix instead of x or y OS? (maybe the designing)

  • How to make the business field going to install whonix for securing their data?

    • Whonix installation for VPS?
    • Whonix installation for Clouds?
    • Whonix preinstalled shipment of server component that maintained as default by Whonix Team? (similarly as I2P with Jetty)
    • Whonix maintaining minimal version of Host + Virtualizer + GW&WS Provided as .iso to be installed in the hosted servers?
  • Providing Free working hours for first time installation? (maybe adding paid hours for any maintenance)

  • Whonix can be great secure Host specifically for decentralized projects like diaspora,mastodon,peertube,hubzilla…etc. So as for Secure Drope …etc. Providing documented installation for each one of them then spread it through each project as “Secure Installation with Whonix”?

  • What else you think it needs to make Whonix better environment for Servers and businesses Usage?