Whonix comes to Gentoo - Looking for Contributors!


Some of you might know Gentoo or Hardened Gentoo. Martin Čmelík (from Securix-Linux project, which is based on Hardened Gentoo) and I (from Whonix project, which is based on Debian) have received funding for a project to port Whonix to Gentoo Hardened. The sponsor has further funding available for those who help implementing the project. Want to join our efforts?

Here you can find the wiki page containing Whonix-Gentoo-Hardened project goals:


Since this is such an ambitious, huge, complex project, our current funding and task is limited to:

– discuss and review feasibility of the project

– creation of a roadmap documenting the required steps to achieve the goal

– obtain price quotes for the required tasks

The roadmap has developed quite far already, see:


Since roadmap creation / auditing / implementation tasks cannot be that cleanly divided and since the sponsor made a generous payment, we got started with auditing of Securix’s build script as well as finding and fixing a lot issues that are required for this project, see:


Depending on how much the realization of the project would cost, the sponsor would make payments to those who implement the required tasks.

It is very hard to estimate how much time the implementation of the necessary changes to Whonix’s and Securix’s source code would take and therefore how much money realistically can be charged for those. We would like to avoid mixing discussion of technical issues and prices on the github issues and move that discussion elsewhere.

Maybe we can use something like bountysource.com. An alternative to bountysource.com would be desirable, because they take a 10% fee for all withdraws. Do you know any alternatives by chance?

So, what does all of this have to do with you? If you have developer skills, please help us with the creation of the roadmap. Find an appropriate place to discuss the business part. Add bids on how much you would charge for implementing a task.

If you are interested in any of this, please get in contact.

Forum discussion:



Congratulations. It’s great to see Whonix getting such recognition and it will serve well as a reference in the future.

Maxim (https://github.com/mkdesu/liberte) might help with the development since Liberte Linux was based on Hardened Gentoo.


Why didn’t you name the sponsor?



The sponsor is anonymous.





FreedomSponsors takes 3% http://freedomsponsors.org/



Regarding both Gentoo and funding, there’s a little problem on the horizon in that the future of its tinderbox is uncertain: https://blog.flameeyes.eu/2014/11/the-end-of-an-era-the-end-of-the-tinderbox

If Gentoo does end up without a tinderbox, it’ll be a great leap backward for QA.

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