Whonix as free Wifi Hotspot ?

Hey, i would love to use the Whonix-Workstation to run a free Wifi HotSpot. Because then all devices connecred to this Wireless network would be automaticaly secured. I have a USB Wlan adaptor that i connected via Virtualbox USB passthrough to the workstation.

Now i am searching for a solution to open up a hotspot in the whonix workstation. Setting up a Wifi hotspot seems not possible using the network-manager gui. Any ideas on how this could be done ?

Check Whonix Design:

Nope, Unsupported:

Maybe you are searching for something like this: (not sure)


You can use Whonix on Rpi and connect USB wifi antennas to it. Keep in mind that pushing traffic thru Tor isn’t enough for anonymity. Applications have to be vetted for privacy leaks and configured properly to avoid this. Also if your machines behind the hostspot are infected your identity can be easily unmasked by observing/exfiltrating data thru other hotspots in your area.

HulaHoop via Whonix Forum:

You can use Whonix on Rpi and connect USB wifi antennas to it.

In theory that’s possible with Whonix-Gateway too, but undocumented.

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why are you doing this on whonix-workstation?
Just install whonix-gateway to your device with wifi adapter as documented in hardware isolation wiki, then change your wifi adapter name to eth1, after this setup hostapd and wpa_supplicant as you usually do on debian and it works out of the box, without DHCP though

That is a good question.
It’s because then it would be safer to allow DHCP.