Whonix 9.2 SHA MD5 Hash?

Can you please tell us the hash values for Whonix 9.2? Would be great if these could be posted on the site for people who cannot or dont want to figure out OpenPGP. Some verification is better than none. Sourceforge has not been updated for awhile so no hash values to be found there. Thank you

Can someone check the file hash for both the Gateway and Workstation 9.2 downloads and post what they are getting so I can compare them with mine? Thanks

Sourgeforge likely won’t be updated anymore, because we’re now using mirror.whonix.de network.

I wasn’t sure if I do this. It’s a huge PITA at the moment support all these options (ova + qcow2 + OpenPGP + torrent + sha512) at the same time. Release process takes longer, needs to be supported, every small thing adds all up. Anyhow, the sha512 is a bit more justified than torrent, because when OpenPGP verification fails, it’s legitimate to make a quick sha512 compassion for debugging.

sha512 files are now linked from the Download table:

This is really great. Thank you.

Is MD5 hash safe? People say its not safe, but I think it’s just not safer because its not so many digits for MD5 hash.