Whonix 15 has been Released

No idea. You could try the normal start menu, i.e. not the whisker menu.

How I can change it on normal menu? :slight_smile: Thanks

Right click on menu bar -> Panel -> Panel preferences -> Items -> remove Whisker Menu -> add applications menu

Thanks, it help me :slight_smile:

This is really awesome (and I also apoligize for not being around in recent weeks, to do theme testing, etc.), but I’m confused: isn’t Debian Buster not released as upstream stable yet? I don’t see anything confirming this if I do a web search.

Thanks for all the work in reaching Whonix 15.

Hi guys! Advise the program with the gui with which I can remove metadata from the images! I used MAT in Whonix 14 but in Whonix 15 instead of it was installed MAT 2 for which I could not find gui.
In the repository Debian Buster no old package mat-gui. Any open-source alternative?

“only almost”

I read the upgrade instructions for 14->15. It says “Desktop shortcuts are no longer supported…”.
Does this mean I can no longer up any folders/files on the desktop?

Meaning, Whonix no longer ships desktop shortcuts on its own. However,
Whonix does not restrict what the software Whonix is based on (default
desktop is XFCE) lets you do. So if you figure out how to use shortcuts
on XFCE, you’re free to use it.

“mat” is no longer in active development by the original developer. however, debian buster, which whonix 15 is based on, has “mat2.”

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