Whonix 14 with 13

My move from Whonix 13 to 14 (on Virtualbox) will be gradual since I have some special configurations in one of the workstations that will take time to implement.

My questions are:

  1. Can Whonix 14 Workstation work with Whonix 13 Gateway?
  2. Can I run all of the following in parallel: W13 Gateway, W13 Workstation, W14 Gateway, W14 Workstation? as far as I understand, the only change required will be to set a new name for the Internal Network in the W14 machines. Is it correct?


You can if you want. Whonix 14 is much safer to use thatn Whonix 13 and Whonix 13 is no longer supported. If you have any problems with it.(Whonix 13) you are on your own. NO support questions will be answered for Whonix 13. Only upgrading to Whonix 14 issues.


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