Whonix 14 and AppArmor

In documentation Whonix ™ Documentation it types AppArmor have some conflicts with obfs proxy
In Whonix 14 it works okay ? Does apparmor have any conflicts with obfsproxy or other software from Whonix14 ?

Any help ?

Hi Norex

There are no know issues with Whonix 14(apparmor) and obfs4 bridges. There is always a possibility something could break in the future with a kernel upgrade etc.

This is an older issue and has been closed.


Tip: It is strongly recommended to switch to the Whonix testers repository before installing profiles. The profiles in the stable repository are much older and have some issues. Note that switching to the testers repository will also update other packages from that same repositoryunless the user knows how to avoid this (advanced users only).

“unless the user knows how to avoid this” link is not working

“unless the user knows how to avoid this” link is not working

@torjunkie Its a dead old-forum link and I’ve not been able to figure out how to find the new page / link. Any ideas?


Great instructions but relies on active old-forum links.


No idea sorry. @mig5 might know, since the error is:

Not Found

The requested URL /old-forum/index.php/topic,1548.0.html was not found on this server.

Do we know how old forum stuff got archived and/or that location changed?

The old forum has been completely purged for better whonix.org server security.

However all contents initially from smfforum were imported by discourse. Finding the forum thread title and link is the challenge.

Maybe web.archive.org to find out the thread title?

And if we don’t find it, let’s just remove it.



Thank you for reporting this!

Most times we don’t know links are broken unless someone from the community reports it. This is very important since it can hinder / prevent users from completing the steps in the Whonix Wiki.

Thanks again for your contribution! :+1:

also it can be in google cache

I think the instructions should be like

Add whonix-testing to sources.list.

sudo su -c "echo -e 'deb here the whonix-testing repository' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/whonix-testing.list"
sudo apt-get update

Install apparmor-profiles
sudo apt-get -t whonix-testing install apparmor-profiles-whonix

But not sure, maybe someone who knows linux better will fix it

Now last version of apparmor-profiles-whonix for stable is 3:6.1-1 and for testing is same 3:6.1-1. Is it true ?

One method is to use APT pinning. You can break your system if your not careful. (advanced users only!)

Note that pinning is completely optional, and Debian does not encourage pinning without thorough consideration.