Whonix 13 approaching EOL (End of Life) - 2018 September 30 - all users must upgrade!

All Whonix users:

The Whonix team would like to thank each and every community member for all the hard work that was put into supporting Whonix 13 over that last 2 years. Through your efforts, Whonix 13 was a great success and by and large surpassed all expectations.

With the recent release of Whonix 14, a hard decision needed to be made about the feasibility of continued Whonix 13 support. Under ideal circumstances, Whonix developers would continue to support Whonix 13 for an extended period. Unfortunately, due to limited human resources Whonix 13 is due to reach EOL on September 30, 2018. On this date, Whonix 13 will be deprecated and no longer receive security updates.

Although Whonix 13 reaches EOL in 30 days, users should not be alarmed as it is still safe to use until that time. That said, it is strongly encouraged to upgrade to Whonix 14 sooner rather than later, to ensure there is ample time for a smooth upgrade. [1] If users encounter any problems, please follow the footnoted instructions to submit a support request. [2]

[1] Release Upgrade
[2] Free Support for Whonix

Qubes specific:

Thanks to @0brand and @adw for writing these announcements!

Whonix 14 release announcement:

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Dear Patrick. Thank you for Information!


Sorry for the necro bump, but I don’t often come here.

I just wanted to say, Patrick, Whonix 13 was wonderful, what an era, actually a bit emotional to see it go! (And 12 and 11 also were great, at the time). Whonix 14 is an awesome big upgrade though, and I appreciate all the work you guys continue to consistently do to develop Whonix for thousands of freedom fighters from different walks of life all over the Internet.

I’m really baffled as to why Tails has so much support, when they have such unprofessional and unacceptable anonymity holes when using their operating system (it is literally dangerous to use it apart from its tor Browser with JavaScript disabled), as well as the huge hardware compatibility issues they have. But let’s just continue spreading the word of Whonix, and making it as good as we can. Debian 9 is a big upgrade, thank you for your work.