Whonix 11 Gateway NOT Displaying 'Connected to Tor' Following User Login, 192 Mb

Hi Patrick,

I’ve been running Gateway 11 Testing for quite some time. I always run the Gateway with 192 MiB allocated memory, or less.

Prior to the ‘official’ Gateway 11 release, after User Login, you could see the Tor tunnel build progress, followed by "Connected to Tor’, followed by the Time Sync, of course.

However, it seems that since the ‘official’ Gateway 11 release (and following a full apt-get update), after User Login, no Tor tunnel build progress is shown, and no Connected to Tor message is displayed. Of course, despite not being displayed/confimed, Tor is running. This can be verified with whonixcheck, but the user is left blind (of late) when running the Gateway in low graphics mode. However, IMHO, that is an unnecessary, and slow, way to obtain a critical piece of information.

Please either explain why this change was made, or restore the prior functionality.


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You mean Platform-specific Desktop Tips?

Still works for me. There was no intentional change on the Whonix side. No stable upgrades. No related changes in the testers version.

However, that functionality is indeed at risk of breaking, because no one maintains it. Turned out to be more maintenance burdensome than anticipated and my focus moved away from that stuff.

Hi Patrick,

I had a look at the link, and the image.

My response is: not exactly, and I suspect something did change.

The image shows the Gateway running a whonixcheck. What I see, following a manual login on the Gateway 11, is only the time sync occuring. Other that ‘check’ I am given exactly zero information that I am connected to Tor.

Remember, I’ve been running the Gateway in low graphics mode for years, through many Whonix releases.

I was shown ‘Connected to Tor’ 100% of the time during all previous releases, and even when using Gateway 11, while it was still in ‘testing.’

However, since the first full update of Gateway 11 following ‘stable’ release, I am shown ‘Connected to Tor’ exactly 0% of the time. As you know, this is not due to black magic. :wink:

If you need to look at a screenshot to visualize what I see (and do not see) following login, let me know, and I’ll fire you an email.


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