Whonix 10 Gateway stops replying to keyboard after booting

When the boot of Whonix 10 Gateway completes, it informs about a random delay before running whonixcheck (for security reasons), then offers to drop straight into console. If I hit Enter, I can drop into console and just run whonixcheck manually. So far so good. Now, if I miss this moment (doing something else in another workspace while Whonix Gateway virtual machine is booting) and switch to it a few minutes later - it is frozen. Enter doesn’t work. Ctrl-C doesn’t work. The only fix is to force the VM machine shutdown from VirtualBox menu, reboot and wait for it to boot so I can go back to the first scenario described above.

It is the first time I’m noticing this, previous versions of Whonix never behaved like this.

Most likely it’s this issue:

Workaround until Whonix 11:

Was running a low RAM no GUI gateway indeed. Totally forgot that it’s not the default, so I did not mention it. It seems to be that issue and the suggested workaround to increase the VM RAM size works. Thank you.

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