Whonix _really_ slow after installed Electrum


After I started Electrum and passed the wallet configuration the Whonix workstation desktop is getting ultra slow. It’s basically unusable and everything is almost stuck and takes ages to update. I can hear and see the hard drive icon spinning. Is this happening because of Electrum? Anything I can do NOT to stop the machine and lose all my opened tab on Firefox? I am on macOS


Hi @WhonixTa

This could possibly be related to a discussion about Electrum that was started in an unrelated thread.

You can find the beginning of the discussion in this unrelated thread here:



Thanks for the reply! I am not sure I did understand well the link you mentioned (I am a bit new to this!) but I rebooted the machine after I’ve added more ram and processor power to it and now everything run smoothly. Could have been that with the original machine configuration it was stuck because of lack of ram and too many processes running at the same time?


Hi @WhonixTa

Glad to here you resolved your issue. As it turns out what I mentioned earlier is no longer an issue as Electrum does not require Apt-Pinning when installing.

If increasing RAM and cpu cores fixed the issue then the it was it was not enough RAM/cores allocated.

You should not be using anything other than TBB with Whonix. Reasons:


You can have unexpected results if you use Firefox instead of TBB. This thread gives an example:



I start another wallet, i think it is good.