When whonix 17 will be in the stable version?

Can you please tell me when the stable version of Qubes OS will support Whonix 17? Or will it be only after version 4.2 becomes stable? Thanks

Just upgade to Qubes 4.2 and don’t worry about Qubes being stuck in RC land.

But version 4.2 is not stable yet. How safe is it?

Safer because newer packages.

  • Qubes-Whonix 17 is available for Qubes R4.2.
  • Qubes-Whonix 17 won’t be available for Qubes R4.1.


I am hoping Qubes R4.2 rc4 will soon be blessed stable.

If R4.2 rc4 works for you right now, I don’t see any benefit whatsoever to stay on R4.1.

Will I be able to upgrade from version 4.1 to version 4.2 when will it become stable? Or will I need to reinstall the OS?

Release upgrade should be possible.

Do you think it’s safe in terms of anonymity for me to stay on version 4.1 using whonix 16 and wait for version 4.2 to become stable?

already answered here:

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