When sdwdate gets the "x"

Icon starts out whole, fetches time, but sometime later, slashed through with x. Why? What part of the log is relevant? Still looks good.

Restarting swdate does not remove the x. If initial time was already fetched, are new circuits still good?

When any other VM enters an sdwdate error state. Right click on sdwdate-gui and explore the other VMs.

If one VM enters an sdwdate error state, the sdwdate-gui Qubes systray symbol is downgraded to the “worst” state.

sdwdate-gui shows all VM sdwdate status in 1 systray. Not just for 1 VM only.

States are:

  • completed
  • in progress
  • error

It’s sdwdate. Not swdate.

Thanks. Like this:

Then look for the errors in the VM log?
I will post next time it happens.

This may explain why Nyx shows functioning tor but browser in vm does not navigate.

Whonix-ws-16-dmv is getting its time messed up? What connects its time to sdwdate?

To add some more info that may or may not be relevant, I had to move my clock vm from sys-net to a vault because it was being corrupted. But sdwdate does not pull from clock vm anyway, right?

P.S. htpdate does not have this issue or at least does not indicate that there is one.

Think I caught them! SSL downgrade which is just like them.

You are right, of course. If I close the WS dvm, sdwdate returns to normal. So that means the template for Whonix Workstation has been corrupted?

An outdated certificate isn’t necessarily a downgrade attack. Server maintenance issues exist.

Not every error message means you’re being attacked.

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sdwdate does not contact ClockVM.

No. It’s usability issue which I just now described here:
sdwdate and sdwdate-gui development thread - #397 by Patrick