What is special in Whonix WS which gives one more privacy and which is lacking in simply connecting any distro to Whonix GW?

As most of us know its possible to connect any Linux or Windows OS in a VB VM and point its proxy settings to the Whonix GW and that OS will be effectively torified as all traffic will go through Whonix GW, so I am wondering if I am building my own instance of some OS in a VB VM, say Arch Linux, how can I add the Whonix code to it to make it as robust from a Tor viewpoint as Whonix WS ? I would imagine that Whonix WS gives the benefit of streams isolation, but what else? How less secure am I using a Linux or Windows OS simply pointed to my Whonix GW?

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Please regard this for a basic comparison between the two: Anonymize Other Operating Systems

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