Warning: Could not find '/usr/lib/whonixsetup'

Hello. I’ve just discovered new problem in my Whonix-Workstation.
I’ve got this message in my terminal:

The day before that I’ve changed my repository to testers repository, updated and installed apparmor profile for pidgin. After that I’ve changed it again to stable repository. Today I’ve got this message.

in my /usr/lib/ directory I’ve got new files:

  1. whonixsetup_cli_start_maybe
  2. whonixsetup_x_start_maybe

What Whonix version are you using? Using Whonix testers apt repository by chance?

It’s not a big deal. Will likely be fixed in Whonix 10.

Whonix 9.4
I switched to testers repository only to install apparmor profiles, as said in documentation.

Not fixed in Whonix 10. Minor issue. Safely ignored. Solution:

fix “Warning: Could not find ‘/usr/lib/whonixsetup’, starting ‘/bin/bash’ instead. Please check your profile settings.” by deleting obsolete /etc/xdg/autostart/whonixsetup.desktop:

Will be fixed in Whonix and also with package upgrades soon.