Vpn on workstation to evade Tor bans

Hi Adrelanos,

Because of the many Tor bans especially increased with the popularity of Cloudflare, I need a solution to do this: User --> Tor --> VPN

Adding socks5 proxy in Whonix workstation to hide the Tor exit node to websites, is a good solution. But there are not too many trusted socks5 providers. And if there are some, they have only the option to connect to those through OpenVPN.

Is it possible to make use of OpenVPN in Whonix Workstation? Will it work just like in any other Linux OS and will the VPN ip-address added after Tor so I can visit websites that block Tor?

Is there a OpenVPN GUI for importing a .ovp file without further configuration? In Gnome the package networkmanager-openvpn-gnome works great for connecting easily to VPN, but which package do I have to install in Whonix workstation which is based on KDE? And how to set it up step by step?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi, have you seen Whonix’s documentation on VPN already?

OpenVPN in workstation to circumvent website bans is possible as per documentation.

As per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/About#Based_on_Debian any gui tool should work (gnome and kde). However, to my experience you’re usability wise much better off using the cli tools (openvpn).

On (preferably a new) Tor Browser set a https proxy on Torbutton and it will work just fine for Tor bans or other purposes.

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