VPN install, sudo operation

I’m trying to install VPN software but get this error from the Whonix/Debian terminal:

Sudo: operation not permitted" Failed to ‘chmod’ for folders/chrome-sandbox

Incomplete description. See:

If it’s only about this message, see:
Out of Scope Issues

I am not reporting a bug. I am just new and don’t know how to do this.

The problem is my stupidity and not your software Patrick.

This report is incomplete. Means, I don’t understand what you did, expected and what really happened. A support request in the same form as a bug request is therefore required by me as per Bug Reports, Software Development and Feature Requests
Otherwise I remain unable to say anything on the topic.

I figured out the answer to my previous problem. I have a question, it is not a bug…

Can I use a browser other than Tor Browser on Whonix? (like regular Firefox or Brave)? (to then route this through a VPN through Tor). For the purpose of hiding from a website that I am using Tor.

1 forum thread = 1 issue please.

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