To setup a simple chained vpn before Tor, can we setup openvpn as a client (vpn1) on the linux host and then setup a vm with a linux system running openvpn as a client (vpn2).

In the VM (vpn2) setup the virtualbox network adapater #1 to NAT, adapter #2 Internal Network ‘vpn2’. Change whonix gateway adapter #1 to Internal Network ‘vpn2’, adapter #2 leave as Internal Network ‘whonix’.

Would it be this simple? The same firewall rules could be used for the host and the vpn2 VM.

I tried to get it to run once.

VPN Chain

vpn1 started in my virtual machine.

Then started vpn2 from the host pc and tried using iptables rules in the virtual machine to route the internet traffic from the host pc through vpn2.

Unfortunately without success, probably the wrong iptables rules.

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