VPN in Safe Operating System

Afternoon Guys

I’ve just worked my way through the cyberguerilla safe operating system guide. Many thanks for the guide, i’ll be sure to make a donation very soon.

Before i explain the main reason for the post, i have to admit i have been kicking myself all morning.

Its took me no less than 15 attempts to get everything installed, and it could all have been avoided had i just read 1 line after the point in which i was getting stuck.

Basically, i was installing everything as per the guide, but when i restarted i was hit the the blinking cursor. I didn’t realise until today there was a line stating that if you do get the blinking cursor, to go to the end of the guide and view the troubleshooting paragraph which explains what to do…perhaps a bolded line in the guide would help the less than bright people like myself should we run against it again lol…

So the main reason for the post, is to do with VPN. I know the guide briefly explains that VPN is a very intricate subject hence why its only touched upon, i had a quick look though the forum but was wondering what the guide creator (Patrick?) views on vpn within this safe operating system is?

There are plenty of opinions on what should be done, vpn>tor>internet tor>vpn>internet…

Whats the ‘best’ way, if there is one, to use a VPN with this safe operating system guide?

I have a subscription with AIRVPN but i checked a few forums and their never mentioned, do we have a recommended VPN provider specifically for this guide?

Sorry if ive ranted on. Many thanks again for the guide, their has OBVIOUSLY been a LOT of work put into it, im extremely grateful, as im sure many others are.

I will be donating shortly as previously stated, nice to be nice and all that


This topic is one of the most popular on this forum. A search will reveal many useful threads.

Also, Whonix has extensive documentation on vpn / tunnels:
Combining Tunnels with Tor

vpn → tor → internet vs tor → vpn → internet is not a matter of opinion. They serve very different purposes, documented in link.

There is no way to recommend a VPN since we don’t have visibility into their operations. Even if we did, VPN security is a matter of policy (that is subject to change) and not something that is enforced by design. Hence, there is always an element of risk when using a VPN.


Hi phantastic

As entr0py stated it would be playing with fire for Whonix to recommend a VPN provider. I think the best advice, if you have your mind set on using a VPN, would be to roll your own. Of course this would take a certain level of skill to implement properly and securely.

There is a list (not affiliated in any way with Whonix) of VPN providers that you may want to stay away from. You can take away what ever you want from it. :wink:


perhaps a bolded line in the guide would help

very happy the guide was useful for you @phantastic4012. i will make the tip about the issue bold in the next version. as for your questions about vpn, @entr0py summed it up.