Vmware VM connection with whonix on Virtualbox

Hi i have problem with traffic redirection from vmware machine to Whonix installed on virtualbox.
What I done:
-created 3rd NIC on whonix VM and configured as host-only network.
-added 3rd NIC in Whonix firewall configuration and restart it.
-assigned IP and mask to mine 3rd NIC
-created custom network in vmware network editor as vmnet9 as bridge with Virtualbox-Host NIC.
-setup NIC in Windows 7 as below:
1st DNS
2nd DNS empty .
I have still no internet connection on Windows 7.
What do I do wrong/what else should I setup?
Why do not I install it on a virtualbox?
The answer is very simple. I need to emulate Android app which i can’t emulate with Android x86 but works on Bluestacks but the problem is that on Virtualbox I exprienced stability issues with bluestacks. I checked on Vmware and no problem what so ever so I decided to stay on vmware and redirect traffic to virtualbox’s vnet.

For reference:


Bluestacks for VirtualBox is a modified version of VirtualBox by Bluestacks and the effects on anonymity are unknown by me.

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Wow, thx a lot bro!