VM time and host time diff

Hi, Newbie here to learn. Been reading the docs and getting confused. When I start the Gateway and Workstation, VM (VirtualBox) time is out over 2 minutes at start from host. My host time is local time which I think is my problem. Once they sync everything works. Can someone confirm? If I am wrong I can post sdwdate logs from Gateway and Workstation. The logs are very similar in content.

Happens to me every time. sdwdate takes 1-2 minutes to update the clock.
When it fails (1/3 boots) it never recovers by itself, I need to reboot the Gateway then wait a minute and finally restart sdwdate.

Whew! Iā€™m not alone. So far it has never failed for me. Should it fail, I now know what to do. Thanks.

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Host and VM time is different by design. Also mentioned here: Boot Clock Randomization - Kicksecure

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Seems like


No time zone change required. See:
Network Time Syncing

Seems like a very different issue from the original poster. Please open a separate forum thread if you like to attempt to troubleshoot and/or discuss this.

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