Virtualbox dangerous?

i see no evidence that it is dangerous for use with whonix. i only read from article that oracle does not have the spirit of foss and this could be a problem in the future.

now i simply do not understand so please clarify! just want to know what could go wrong by continuing to use virtualbox right now in 2015?

is it possible for it to leak my ip over http and browsing web on tor browser?

or you think there could be a backdoor?

what is learning kvm like?

how quickly can i learn kvm? is it easier to transfer skills over from virtualbox? does it have similar graphic interface?

can i use virtualbox for next 3 months while learning kvm on the side and still be very much safe?

main question: how could virtualbox leak my ip from gateway? or are there other problems that are the issues?

You probably already saw these links… I am adding them for reference and others.

There are no known leak issues, no known backdoors. Everything else are judgments, opinions if you want so.

KVM is a little more difficult. Check its wiki page (Whonix ™ for KVM) and sub forum (Whonix Forum) if you want to get a feeling.

Interface looks similar.

KVM shared folder documentation:

“Running two hypervisors at the same time is not supported by KVM / VirtualBox.”:

(Installation at the same time however should work.)

For KVM related questions, please see the KVM documentation and/or post in the KVM sub forum.