Viewing current circuit

Is it possible to view the current circuit being used by each process inside the Workstation?
Like “Process 1, Current Circuit: entry node IP, intermediate node IP, exit node IP”.


Unsupported. Just now added to documentation:

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If viewing such information in Workstation is a security issue, what about being able to view it in Gateway?
And what I mentioned was not limited only to Tor Browser but every connection or process that connects to the outside world.

Any Tor controller should not be a security issue on the gateway.
( Control and Monitor Tor )

Use Arm.
( Control and Monitor Tor )

However, on the gateway I don’t think any Tor controller exists, that can distinguish which circuit came from which workstation, workstation process, let a lone from which browser tab.

Just know that we can see active circuits in Arm.

However my IP from and the IP given by perl script are not listed under Arm->Connections. Is that normal?

You either forgot to scroll down or the circuit expired.

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