Verification of Whonix.ova file

Hallo everyone,

OS: Windows 10

the reason I opened this support request is that the verification of whonix was just explained for whonix.EXE (Workstation and Gateway) but now all the files are put together into 1 file. Nowhere can I find an in depth verification step by step for the whonix.OVA file.

1. The two things I already completed:
I downloaded all files how you can see (sorry it’s in German):

I verified the key of “Patrick Schleitzer” together with a key I created myself:

“beglaubigt” means “verified”.

2. How do I verify the .OVA file(s)?

Now I’m totally overwhelmed. I am a complete cmd.exe and powershell newbie!
Please explain everything to me like you would to a child.

The image below is made from the following link:

I highlighted things with red I have not yet done. Which way do you recommend - Command lines or Kleopatra?

For the command line stuff I have the following link:

When I do this:
I get this:
When I do this (what do they mean with “~”?):
I get this:
It says: “command “chmod” either wrong or written the wrong way or couldn’t be found”
I get the same error return when I do this:

There is another command line support page:

So when I do the first thing I get:

It says: “syntax for this file name, index name or hard drive designation. Command “GPG” ist either spelled the wrong way or could not be found”
Copying the whole whonix-stuff to hard drive C: did not make any difference.

This command line stuff is really getting to my nerves now. Could you please help me!

Best regards


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Hi and welcome!

I don’t use Windows but it seems your command is wrong.

Did you try

cd D:\Whonix & GPG

instead of

cd [D:\Whonix & GPG]



chmod --recursive og-rwx ~/.gnupg

It is a UNIX command, I don’t think it works on Windows.

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Yes, this page is a bit of a mess. The relevant part for windows command line verification is:

As @onion_knight mentioned, the commands you followed are for Linux.

Kind of a short way to refer to user’s home directory (in Linux).

By the way, a good practice will be to never have spaces in files or folders names.


Thank your very much onion_knight for telling me that the commands don’t work on Windows. Unfortunately the webpage did not state that.
cd D:\Whonix & GPG did work but the command after
“gpg --verify-options show-notations --verify Whonix-Gateway ™-.ova.asc Whonix-Gateway ™-.ova”
does not probably because it’s for Linux how I now know.

Thank you sheep for giving me the link. I’ll try it.