Using Whonix through a VPN

Firstly, I am really sorry if this has been answered before but I really would like to get this cleared up.

Problem: I do not wish for my ISP to see I am using Tor.

Would the best solution be to…

Use a VPN on the Windoows host (eg TorGuard), then just use Whonix normally?
Is there any way to make it so that my VMs use the VPN but the other traffic from the Windows host doesn’t?

Another question I have… is it possible to use a second VPN to exit from instead of Tor? Would I still be able to access hidden services?.. and this would make it so that I could choose the IP/country I exit from while still connecting to Tor hidden services, and take advantage of Tor encryption?

How would I set that up under Whonix?

Also any recommendations for a VPN service? I have been looking at TorGuard and

Please see documentation:

Should it leave any questions open, reopen a thread in the support sub forum.