Using Whonix On Company Network

I think the answer is no, but I wanted to ask just in case…

If Whonix is used while logged onto my company network, can the network admins see where I’m browsing on the web or does that get scrambled through the Tor connection?

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Under normal circumstances, your traffic should be obfuscated by Tor, though keep in mind, that your Admin might have blocked any unverifiable traffic, that he’ll be able to see that you are using Tor (though not what you do) and that group policies may prevent you from using Whonix at all on company systems.

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Thank you @Ego .

I already have everything setup and working with Virtual Box on a USB stick and it’s bypassing the web filters that I run into on my regular machine, so I think I’m passed the group policies. I just wanted to be sure the traffic was not visible. Thanks again.

I don’t think it’s wise to run any operating system on a computer that
is not your own. Whonix cannot protect you, if the hardware you are
using is not to be trusted.

We, especially you, also must be careful not to cross any legal boundary
or employer agreement here.

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As @Ego said, Tor obfuscates your traffic - it doesn’t make it invisible. If most of your company’s outbound traffic is web traffic on 80,443, you’ll stand out as much as this guy[1] to your admins. Tor helps you blend in with other Tor users - you’d better hope your co-workers are all using Tor too.

(To @Patrick’s point) Sure, if they install a keylogger on their machine which may well be within their legal rights.

Bad idea on many levels.

[1]FBI agents tracked Harvard bomb threats despite Tor - The Verge

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@Patrick - I actually installed everything on my personal flash drive while on my personal machine at home, not on their machine. I’m sure putting the stick in their machine is “bending the rules”, but I haven’t changed anything on their property. I do better understand the difference between the traffic, so thank you to everyone that helped out, and I’ll restrict my activity to my home network.


But you are aware, that if anyone legit or not, installed malware (keylogger etc) can observe every keystroke, mouse movement, traffic, short, everything you are doing? Whonix cannot protect you if you are using it on hardware that is untrustworthy.

It does not matter where Whonix was installed on a flash drive. At home at own machine or elsewhere. Once you are using Whonix on an untrusted machine, no software can protect you. Untrusted hardware is any hardware that used anyone besides you while you were not watching closely what they were doing. It’s even possible to infect machine by injecting a maliciously prepared usb drive. And once infected, it is no longer trusted.

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