Using Tor browser in Windows, and Whonix?

I use Whonix in Virtualbox, in MS windows, (planing to move
to linux)

Would it interfere with Tor browser that I still have installed in windows, if I used them at once on the same machine?

Using in the same time whonix in VB and TB in Win10 on the
same machine.

Would it make some conflict with ports, or some

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No, though please keep this in mind as it applies here as well: Advanced Security Guide - Whonix

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Once, I tried to use another port for another instance of TB but when I try google it is always blocked,
usually I solve captha on google, but when it is with different port google is always blocked “couldnt accept your request”. dont know why.

Google is not Tor friendly.


Using another port for another instance of TB is unrelated to being blocked by Google.

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Port is the only thing I change in settings, a s soon I reverse back google is opening normaly, sometimes with captcha sometimes without.