using logos for Whonix discourse forum categories

Yes. Those all look good. Can use. We just need something for our brains to help more quickly navigate.

A linux cd burn icon can be something burning.


Needless to say, there is no fire at all involved. Yet this analogy makes us quickly find the icon.

nero icon very common , its better not to use closed source programs icons.

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so creating a proper logo for Mac OS was actually harder than anticipated, as Apple in fact even holds a trademark on the font (!) they used in their classic Mac OS logo. Imitating that logo was out of the question. The same goes for the classic “apple” which everyone associates with the trade, as a German café actually got sued over using a red Apple with a child on it, as their logo. Even though the two were completely different, a seas and desist was issued.

So I was looking through the icons on my Mac, trying to find something, which people would associate with OS X, Macs or Apple immediately, though is so simple that not even after German law, could it be trademarked. I quickly found the logo for “OS X El Capitan”, the current version of OS X, to fit perfectly, as it is a simple coloured X. Since this is a normal, widely used, geometric shape, there seem to be no legal problems with using it.

Here it is:

I may of course change the colour pellet on the X or the background colour, if you want me to, though I have to say, that I actually chose to make it this way, to distance the arrangement further from the original.

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found these for off topic:-




You have some good ones, but let me make it harder for you:

  • Confirm that they want no attribution (no links, no notices, etc). I think this eleminates (L)GPL but I’m not sure.
  • Confirm that they look good at 26x26. I put all the icons in a folder, made a copy of that folder and ran
    mogrify -resize 26x26 *.png
    (mogrify is part of imagemagick I believe)

No worries. It’s just the name. The licensing of that one is sorted out in that git repository see file debian/copyright.

Do we all agree with my “no attribution” stance? Because it eliminates 75% of candidates.

It’s difficult to disagree.

Awesome OS X logo. Can you please clarify the licensing of your work?

You have some good ones

thnx dude. btw good to c u for the first time talking after long trip/hidden :grinning:

Confirm that they want no attribution (no links, no notices, etc). I think this eleminates (L)GPL but I’m not sure`.

well actually to tell the truth i dont understand licenses on the internet because the country that i live in they dont have laws for the internet licenses. but i do have one license which is my car license and thats it :smile:.

  • Confirm that they look good at 26x26. I put all the icons in a folder, made a copy of that folder and ran
    mogrify -resize 26x26 *.png
    (mogrify is part of imagemagick I believe)

well hmm hard to get what is mogrify even auto-correction considering it wrong word , i wounder if google translate will know it … so yeah any tips :sweat_smile:

Thanks :smile:

On the icon page, look around for license details. They often want a link to their website or “attribution”, such as the Creative Commons Attribution license. Some say GPL or LGPL and think those need a notice as well.

If the webpage for the icon has a resize tool, it can show you what the icon looks like at 32x32 or 24x24 or some size close to our 26x26.

If you already have the images downloed to a folder, you can copy that folder (to save the full size images) and resize all images in the folder via the command line by using that command. This would let you view the images at 26x26 and you can drag and drop them into the forum (that’s what I did). But if this is all new to you, don’t worry about it: We can resize them for you.

ok then if there r any problems u can see these if u want fire:-




the arabic support icon not added yet ? hmm i cant see it

ahaa ok now i got it. i will check for it.

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just went throught the whole process of chosing the correct CC license, which also made it clear that the logo I’ve created through modification is legally ok, as both, the font is not under any trademark registerd and one letter isn’t able to pass as a “text-logo”, which could be trademarked. Here you go, for the complete license:

Creative Commons License
Clored ‘X’ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:OS_X_El_Capitan_logo.svg.

Have a nice day,


Here’s the chat icon proposed earlier for offtopic

Here’s another idea for anonymity:

And the question mark suggested for arabic support:

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I placed the new icons.

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well the arabic icon i dont think it was the good one. :point_up_2:

so now i have made it:-


do u know i spent 3 hours trying to resize it and i didnt succeed? = shutdowned my pc and went to sleep.

but it turns out the solution is simple, look here:-
this website is fantastic with modifying the pics/icons …etc. i made that one with this site.

The problem with that one and reason it has not been used is that it legally requires attribution. The ones that @JasonJAyalaP choses don’t require attribution.

oh, thought u said the license is good for it. thats why i upload it.

It was reverted in the later discussion.

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