using logos for Whonix discourse forum categories

make it 50x50 , i think its better but let us c

Using 50x50 now. It increases the vertical size the Qubes category takes on the Whonix discourse forum main page.

(Minor: If you still have a tab with the old version of the discourse main page open, keep it open. Open a new tab so you can compare.)


You can also see how much more the Qubes category uses on the Whonix discourse forum main page by comparing it with the other categories, that do not have images yet.

yeah maybe 25x25 or 30x30 it is good if we r going to add 1 picture only. but we will add 4 pictures and maybe later we add for each category its own picture. so it is going to be homogenous with these 4 photos.

Ideally we add one image per category. One image for each category.

yeah thats the idea :+1:

Using 26x26 now.

well if u like it small then ok.

wanted u to add the rest with 50x50 and c how the forum going to be.

but now just add the rest of the pics.

for the copyright issues:- found this website will help us to add the rest of the logos (support , website …etc)

I am quite sure this won’t look good with 26x26.

ok leave it maybe i will add some art on it and upload it here and we check it. check the rest

To keep the original proportion (horizontal to vertical) it wold be scaled down to 26x8. Looks awful. Unusable.

can we add three photos nearby each other ? i have a great idea if we can make it.

Added the KVM 26x8 just for fun.
snapshot for later reference:

Looks like webcitation doesn’t like this javascript based forum.

Broke the proportion. It’s 26x26 now. Better than nothing perhaps.

which style of letters do u like from these:-





u can mix between them

Probably not.

Once you click on a category, left from “new topic” there should be a button “edit”?
Perhaps this is for admins only.

None. What they good for?

Ah. KVM. Hm…

Someone would have to put them together to make them one image since we can only upload one image. 26x26. And @HulaHoop would have to say if that is alright. I think just throwing together random letters would look a bit dilettante.

The freeware one may legally not be combined with the others, unless there are licensing conditions more verbosely written down.

we can combine three letters as KVM but with photos

none :expressionless:

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