Using Gateway as server?

Is it okay to use the whonix gateway to host an onion?

And simply point the hidden service to a debian workstation like “ 12345”? Generally it seems best not to modify any of the whonix preconfigured settings. So I’m not sure if using the gateway to host a web server is good or bad for security. For example, if the web server in the debian workstation gets compromised, is it better that I’m using whonix or would that make it easier for an attacker to pivot through my network? Or does it not make a difference at all?

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I’m not really sure what you are asking as the question is a bit unspecific, though if you just want to host a hidden webserver using Whonix, this should clear up most questions: Onion Services - Whonix Also, due to the isolated nature of Whonix from its host, using it to provide a hidden service is always safer than doing it on the host, as it makes compromising the entire system and/or network harder.

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