Using an Android device as a TOR gateway

Hi, it’s my first post here,
I’ve discovered Whonix a few months ago, and since then I’m tinkering and thinking about different ways to achieve a good level of anonymity online. Whonix seems like an excellent place to start !

So, I was thinking about setting up a device for physical isolation of the gateway, like a x86 single-board computer, and, while it’s not in the scope of what the Whonix team is trying to achieve, I also thought about using second hand android smartphones as small, cheap and customizable TOR gateways.

It had to be rooted, and to run Replicant instead of the stock android rom. With this setup, 3g prepaid cards and the Orbot application, could this transform an android phone into a good TOR gateway, through USB tethering ? It also going to require some tweaking to disable the microphone, the camera(s) and the GPS, but it sounds like a good idea. What do you think ?


In theory, many things are possible. Availability of instructions and support to do so is another story.