User -> Tor -> VPN -> Internet

I have checked this: Connecting to Tor before a VPN

But what would I need to do if I want IceWeasel using TOR → VPN → Internet and not the Tor browser?

I managed to get connected to the VPN, but everything still seems to go through TOR, I would like IceWeasel to use the VPN instead of bypassing it though. After reading the documentation I assumed if I would put IceWeasel’s connection settings to “No Proxy” it wouldn’t bypass the tunnel. But I guess I was a bit too optimistic since it keeps bypassing the VPN. It is ok if the torbrowser bypasses the tunnel, it’s actually wanted behaviour so I don’t want to change that unless there is really no other way around it.

Tor Browser settings don’t influence iceweasel so you can leave that as is.

Nothing that Whonix does makes the VPN bypass the VPN.

A general note [applies to any operating system using VPN] - you must
start the VPN first. Not start icewasel, then start the VPN. Because
last time I checked, existing connections are not touched by the VPN.
Even if you think you had iceweasel closed, it might have still be run
in the background (crashed).

Does this persist after reboot?

Yes it also happens after rebooting, the VPN connects automatically on boot, so I definitely have the VPN up and running before I start Iceweasel.

Also tried disconnecting and reconnecting the VPN and restarting iceweasel, nothing really changes, if I go to it always congratulates me for using tor.

Does it show a IP by the VPN? Or do these IP’s change, you keep getting different IP’s of Tor exit relays?

Because of the VPN is at the same time a Tor exit relay, this would be expected.

ExoneraTor: a website that tells you whether a given IP address was a Tor relay

Thanks for the fast replies but the IP’s are changing and all are of TOR exit relays, definitely not the VPN IP.

What about other applications as per


If I do those tests, I also get tor exit node IP’s so it looks like nothing really goes through the VPN even though it says I’m connected to the VPN. :confused:

I use openvpn and it is a TCP style VPN connection, no error upon connecting or anything.

More likely a VPN or configuration rather than Whonix issue.

Please post the [redacted] output of openvpn.

Did you try a TestVPN already? Try if these work. See:

If one of these works, it would give clues on what is going wrong with
your actual VPN.