use XFCE with Wayland

How about using Xenocara as the display server? It’s being used by Hyperbola GNU/Linux, which means it’s possible to implement outside of OpenBSD.

Debian has been using rootless X for some time now. Do you know of any Wayland display servers that readily work with a window manager in Debian?

What’s wrong with sway? I’ve used it for months. It’s good enough.
Sway is also going to get security labels which allow users to configure GUI privileges for each app and default GUI privileges.

Sway is a good idea. I saw news recently that Sony is opting for it since it supports wayland among being high performing.

Sway is packaged in bullseye and is worth considering once we port.

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Did you manage to use sway with XFCE?

I haven’t used sway with any other window manager. I don’t know if it’s possible to mix XFCE with sway.

Seems unrelated then. The topic of this forum thread is:

use XFCE with Wayland

As for porting Whonix to use something other than XFCE, please open a new forum thread.

Guix now hosts xfce packages which means we are not necessarily tied to stable release cadence should it be included:

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Mixing Debian with Guix is one type of complexity.

Using Guix to install a “system package”, a desktop environment on Debian is yet another type of complexity, if that is even possible.

Doing that at the level of a Linux distribution seems even harder.

Not sure if feasible but anyone feel free to experiment with this.


If its done correctly can be handled but for surely more complexity. Has an issue at the moment:

** Guix Package Manager tested on Debian 11 it wont show or run the installed application from guix #48796

Not possible even on Guix own distro:

** You cant delete system packages using guix package manager, instead you do it manually #47748.

in debian case you do it using apt but not guix.

Rest of guix issues can be found here:

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Wayland support is mature in GNOME and GNOME Shell, but in-VM 3D acceleration is a hard requirement. While I have confidence in the 3D implementation in KVM, I don’t for VBox and having an option that doesn’t require it is better for attack surface reduction.

It’s a trade-off of whether GNOME/Wayland + 3D accel attack surface is < Xfce + X11 without 3D accel. I don;t know if a Wayland supporting Xfce would inherit GNOME’s 3D reqs. An alternative that uses Wayland without needing a graphics API is the best of all worlds.


cc/ @madaidan

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We switched from it a few releases back because it was too much in a VM.

What do you mean? Resources? Apps?

It was too heavy on resources.

xfce is definitely lighter but isn’t kde lighter than gnome?

When we say GNOME we are discussing gnome-shell which is supposed to be for limited hardware, but its 3D hard requirement needs some consideration as mentioned.

This is XFCE Wayland Roadmap:

There is no version yet decided to carry full wayland, But its work in progress e.g:

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