Use Pluggable Transports in Whonix

I’m trying to use pluggable transports in whonix.
My torrc file in the gateway looks like this

UseBridges 1 Bridge obfs3 ip:port hash

But for some reason I can never connect to the internet. Have tried other PT, same thing. Bridges only work without PTs for me.

Is there something I should know and i’m doing wrong?

Have you seen Whonix’s documentation on bridges already?

Also see:

The question is, would what you are doing also work with system Tor’s torrc or by editing TBB’s torrc? If the answer is yet, it should work with Whonix as well. This is a trick to get access to a much bigger documentation and support community.

Thanks I missed ClientTransportPlugin parameter. Everything works fine now :smiley: