Use of useragent changers triggers unsolvable hcaptcha

Ok so this might be a bit non whonix related but it’s still in the realm of anonymity. I REALLY want to use whonix as my main OS but I also want to have accounts on websites that wont get banned/denied because of the TOR usage. So I install myself firefox-esr and i decide that it would be less triggering for websites if i have non tor proxy and a “normal” browser useragent. So i get myself a chameleon browser extention and I set it to Windows 10 with Chrome 91 (doesnt get more normie than that).
Imediately when I try to go to blackhat world i get either “Checking your browser before accessing” and it just stays there or i get " One more step Please complete the security check to access blackhatworld com"
And the hcaptcha becomes unsolvable, meaning that no mather how many times i solve it it doesnt let me pass(happens to few sites and with few it doesnt)
I also use cookiecleaner and webrtc block.
Is there a setting that I’ve missed?

Changing fingerprint doesn’t help much. Tor exit relay IP is already a major giveaway.

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