Updating copyright to 2023

Pretty much all Kicksecure/Whonix files have the copyright “20xx - 2022 ENCRYPTED SUPPORT LP …”. These should probably be updated now that we are entering Q2 2023.

I have taken the liberty of doing so for security-misc.

I’m sure other developers could do so for the repositories they monitor rather than me cloning all of them and doing one glorious control replace and then individually committing to each.

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I wish it could be $current_year. I was aware of this but decided to keep it as is for now. Skipping some years.

In case anyone is wondering, it’s not important for legal reasons to have this very up to date.

Issue is that mass updating this by a script (which I know how to do, which was done before) results in all packages being rebuild and a big package upgrade which does nothing except update the copyright year in the source files.

So maybe a release upgrade (rebasing to the next major version of Debian) is a good time to do this.

That makes sense.

Next major Debian release is probably the best time to update everything.

In the mean time, is there any benefit to selectively doing this for the most popular repositories such as tirdad, security-misc, apparmor, sdwdate etc. that are independently used by many people?

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