Update Whonix from KDE to Xfce

I am still using the version of Whonix Gateway which come with KDE. I tried to run apt-get dist-upgrade hoping my Whonix would update to the latest version with Xfce, but after the apt command finished successfully, I was still at KDE.
Is there a way to update my Whonix Gateway without having to use a new Virtualbox image?

Hi sandcastle,

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Could you please run the following command in Whonix-Gateway konsole and post the output.


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Hi @0brand, I made a mistake when I said Gateway - I meant to say the Workstation. I am trying to update my Workstation. I typed anon-info on the Workstation and got “command not found”.

Hi sandcastle

That command only works in Whonix-Gateway. Do you know the Whonix version you are using? If not could you run this command in Whonix-Workstation. Its OK if there is no command output.

cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list | grep jessie

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The command above didn’t return anything. I checked that file and looks like it’s using stretch:

deb [can’t post link] stretch/updates main contrib non-free

I also checked whonix.list and it has:
deb [can’t post link] stretch main contrib non-free

Whonix 14 KDE → Whonix 14 XFCE:

Undocumented. Unsupported.

In theory it would work but I won’t spend time on it.

What however will be supported most likely is Whonix 14 KDE → Whonix 15

Thank you very much! I’ve searched a lot to find this documentation but apparently didn’t do a good job. Going through the update process now.

Just wanted to be sure you were not using an earlier version of Whonix . For example Whonix 13. Whonix 14 is based on stretch.

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Thanks. Update went smoothly, I’m on Xfce now :slight_smile:

I feel my VMs run quite slow on my Mac, but this isn’t a Whonix’s fault as it happens with other VMs. I will do some researches on the Virtualbox side.

Possible low RAM issue?