Unikernel Whonix-gw on Qubes

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place, but here goes:

I’m sure many of you who use Qubes have seen this MirageOS Unikernel firewall:

It has been working great for me, very quick, very low resource usage, and truly it is more secure, and uses a different codebase.

I have been wondering, has the Whonix team has thought about the potential for creating a Unikernel-based Whonix-gw for Qubes? The resource savings could be similar to the firewall, and it could wind up being even more secure.

If not, I have also been thinking about starting a crowdfund to make this a reality, but I am not a developer, and I have never done crowdfunding before, so it would probably be a mess.


Reviving this thread: Unikernels are the future!

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