Unclear instructions in OpenVPN setup section of Tor->VPN setup

I’m really sorry for asking it here.
I know that you don’t offer OpenVPN support.
I am actually interested in clarifying the instructions and what was meant by this section:

It is challenging to set up OpenVPN on Whonix ™ with a secure, leak-preventing Fail Closed Mechanism. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to learn how to set up OpenVPN on Debian stable (currently bullseye). The following steps are a simple overview of the process:

  1. Prepare a Debian bullseye VM.
  2. Install the Debian OpenVPN package: sudo apt install openvpn.
  3. Research how to set up a VPN using OpenVPN on the command line. [17]

The part about Debian bullseye VM. Does that suggest creating a separate VM with Debian Bullseye installed and then connect to that VM running OpenVPN from Workstation?

Or does it imply practising OpenVPN setup on fresh Linux Debian before installing it on Whonix Workstation?

All OpenVPN guides I went through required to have OpenVPN setup on another device, but it seems here it is meant that OpenVPN will be running on Whonix Workstation?

Sorry for the dumb question

Documentation clarified just now.