UBlock Origin and the "Safest" tor browser setting

I noticed that Tails ships with Ublock Origin by default

We all know that one of the biggest security holes is JavaScript.

When I’m using the “safest” security setting most “regular” sites break.

Sometimes I forget to turn it back on after switching to medium for necessity.

Switching between security levels is quite a hassle since it opens another tab and it affects all other opened tabs.

A suggestion would be setting the security level at medium and blocking JavaScript by default with Ublock Origin.

In this case you can allow JavaScript once on desired sites while blocking it on others, and your settings will always revert back on restarting the browser.

Whonix as a development design decision does not modify settings “inside” Tor Browser.

This was previously attempted and I consider the approach failed:
add Tor Browser first startup popup to ask whether security slider should be set to safest

Tor Browser by The Tor Project does not provide a stable API / environment variable or documentation on how to enable blocking of all scripts upon start of Tor Browser. Neither a ticket against Tor Project exists. And I doubt a ticket would result in progress as other ticket such as

are unfixed for a long time. So for this to happen, someone would have to submit a pull request to Tor Browser.

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